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Architects of Words and Life

King Solomon famously declared that the power of life and death is in the tongue.  He went on to explain that a fool’s words pierce like a sword, but a wise man’s words bring healing.  This idea that words carry a spirit heavier than their simple auditory symbol of meaning has always interested me.  If Solomon’s words were true, the meaning that sleeps beneath our words, whether to others or about others, either bring life and healing or a degree of destruction to the world.  The implications of such a belief are drastic.  The idea that you are just a speck in a universe that doesn’t recognize your existence is replaced by a notion of a life with purpose that is capable of helping to build others if you so choose.  I know this to be true, because I’ve experienced it as a writer.

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On Art and Truth

Unlike math or science, the question of the true definition of art is not an absolute.  The philosophy of art and beauty is indefinite and varied amongst different people.  For instance, I may see a painting to be beautiful, and though I may have a reason for seeing it as such, my reason will most likely be different from another person’s perception of the painting.  There is no absolute when it comes to the reason a certain aesthetic may appeal to the masses or to just one or few within them.  However, I feel most people can tell when art is contrived to be something for reasons other than actual artistic merit, such as an “artist” that creates to pander to the masses for his own (financial?) gain, and art in its most pure form. 

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