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Art Above Aesthetics

There’s an honesty to true art that pokes holes through the dynamic canopy always before us where the grime of the raunchier shades bleed through and what’s left is the hidden beauty of the world.  To an artist, an old tree on the verge of death and decay becomes a part of history that ran with the land and gave shelter and clean air and life and breath to its people.  The dirtiest beggar seen by any other is a vagrant and a drain on society’s space and resources.  But an artist sees a life broken by pain and circumstance but still fighting.  Still alive.   

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Relationships and the Crown of Martyrdom

The marriage ceremony in the Coptic church is called El-Ekleel, or The Crowning.  The end of the ceremony sees the priest crown both the man and his new wife, a sign that the two have become one through the mystery of the sacrament of marriage.  I used to think The Crowning was a symbol that the man became the king of his household, and the woman his queen.  I later found out from a priest’s wife that the crown received during an Orthodox marriage ceremony lies on the bride and groom’s head as a crown of martyrdom.  The man and his new wife have died to themselves and now live for the other. 

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