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Throw Down Your Stone

Flannery O’Connor, considered one of America’s greatest twentieth century writers, once wrote that “Conviction without experience makes for harshness.”  She spoke of the hypocrisy she’d seen within some of the congregation of her Catholic church, many of them who believed in what they were told to believe and used it as what she called “the poor man’s insurance system.”  Just in case what they believed was true, they would not go to hell.  A man who believed in what was told to him, lived in safety and never had much of a challenge to his faith, has never needed to examine his faith.  His understanding of right and wrong is factual and absolute.  The liar, drug addict, drunk and prostitute, these are all immoral people and their end is eternal destruction.  Their stories of how they became these things are all irrelevant in an unexperienced religious mind.  They are their vice, and they deserve their end.

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