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A Heart Like Lebanon

I’d met Khalid many years ago at the St. John the Compassionate Mission on Queen and Broadview where I serve every Sunday.  He was a short man with a slight forward tilt.  He looked well into his fifties or possibly early sixties.  The man rolled a small cart behind him filled to the top with bags stuffed with all kinds of miscellaneous items.  He wore a small cap too small for his head, black Denver Hayes old man pants and a knitted grey sweater with stitched red diamonds that would make Bill Cosby proud.  The man smiled at me and told me his name.  I gave him mine.

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Street Doctor

One of the most memorable characters I’d encountered on Toronto's streets was a portly brown man I’d met on the corner of Queen and Sherbourne, right outside the Maxwell-Meighen men’s shelter in downtown Toronto, in late November of 2016.  A thick black moustache hugged the man’s upper lip and down the sides of his round face, spotted in stubble.   A slight hopeless smile graced his lips and heavy eyes. 

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